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The Skandion Clinic

The Skandion Clinic

Scientific Seminar on Today's Proton Therapy

was held on April 14 - 15, 2016

Key note speakers:
James Metz, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Tony Lomax, PSI, Switzerland
Eugen Hug, MedAustron, Austria

Scientific Program
Many of the speakers have generously agreed to share their presentations to all the participants of the seminar. Below are the presentations available for downloading (password protected):

Are there yet any evidence for today's proton therapy? James Metz (U-Penn)

The model based approach for patient selection. Christian Hammer (Groningen)

Starting up a new proton therapy facility; how hard can it be? Pawel Olko (Krakow)

Competence development in proton therapy. James Metz (U-Penn)

How to buy proton therapy equipment? Jorn Verwey (Amsterdam)

Optical imaging of PT dose distributions in water. Oksana Kavatsyuk (Groningen)

Can patient specific QA be replaced by Log file analysis? Erik Almhagen (Skandion)

Treatment planning; Potential pitfalls. Tony Lomax (PSI)

The clinical experiences this far from the Skandion clinic. Petra Nyström (Skandion)

Is there a need for more advanced RBE modelling in PT? Alexandru Dasu (Skandion)

How to estimate the need for proton therapy in Europe 2016 and beyond. 1. Håkan Nyström (Skandion)

How to estimate the need for proton therapy in Europe 2016 and beyond. 2. Einar Waldeland (Oslo)

What have we learned from the Swedish Proton Therapy School? Jörgen Olofsson (Umeå) and Christina Vallhagen Dahlgren (Skandion)

The Skandion Clinic is the first clinic for proton therapy in Scandinavia. Proton therapy makes it possible to treat cancer more effectively and with fewer side effects than with conventional radiation therapy. With proton therapy, the risk of damage to healthy tissues is minimised. The method can be applied for the most common types of cancer and offers advantages when treating tumours close to radiosensitive tissues. Children and adults in need of radiotherapy who will gain from proton therapy will be offered treatment with this new technique. The Skandion clinic will be located in Uppsala and is run jointly by the seven Swedish counties with university hospitals. The construction was initiated in june 2011 and the first patients were treated in 2015.