The Skandion Clinic is the first clinic for proton therapy in Scandinavia. Proton therapy makes it possible to treat cancer more effectively and with fewer side effects.

About proton therapy - This is how it works

Protons interact with matter in a totally different way than traditional radiation. Proton therapy is primarily used for cancer patients in whom the tumour is located close to sensitive structures.

For children who will receive proton therapy at Skandionkliniken

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  • 31/8

    Skandion goes clinical

    Skandionkliniken treated today, August 31st, the first patients with its scanning proton beam. Skandionkliniken is jointly owned by the seven university hospitals of Sweden. Patients from all of Swede...

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  • 17/5

    The Cyclotron has arrived!

    200 ton proton therapy cyclotron arrives in Skandionklinken, Uppsala On May 17 2013 the 200 ton proton therapy cyclotron was lifted into the Skandionkliniken in Uppsala. The construct...

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